British Cheese: A secret yet to dis(wiss)cover

With this blogpost I’m fulfilling one of my newsyear-resolutions. My pal Richard from Newcastle has asked me many times to start blogging in his idiom. As there have been more requests of the kind over the years, I’ve decided to try and write a little bit something in English, once in a while. The start is pretty obvious, I want to praise British cheese. Although we Swiss think that cheese shouldn’t be produced anywhere else in the world, some countries, many in fact, have decided to make their own cheeses. One of the least expected would be England for many Swiss, because the clichée that the English can’t cook not talking of making cheese is still widely spread in the country. A big mistake. I think we are quite lucky to have our English-cheese-dealer of choice, who offers a truly amazing selection, just around the corner. As I have an english girlfriend and tend to spend my holidays there much more often than, say in France, I’ve had my share of lovely Cheddars, Stiltons and Wensleydales. Still, there’s a lot that remains to be discovered at Michael Fontanas „British Cheese Centre“ stand in the nearby Viadukt Market in Zurich. Last saturday I bought some Appleby’s Red Cheshire and some Shropshire Blue. Both cheeses were a real treat and satisfied some taste buds, that have never been touched by any Swiss cheese, I have to admit. Michael was called „Ambassador of British Cheese“ in an article that appeared in one of the big Swiss sunday papers recently. No doubt about it: He’s opened a new salon in my cheese-house and deserves the title given him by the paper. In the article, we learned some interesting facts, eg. that there’s no less than 1500 cheese varieties in England. And that there’s an english businessman who buys at Michaels everytime he’s in Switzerland, because he can’t find a comparable choice and quality back home. If you live in England and have the same problem, you can buy Michaels cheese online… (Bild Stefan Jermann/NZZ am Sonntag) 
PS. What I forgot to write: Not online the quality is top of the pops, but also the prices. Most of Michaels cheese costs over 40 pounds a kilogram, which is about double what you pay for the average Swiss cheese. Just hope, that the farmers get a proper price for their milk, will ask Michael next time, when I’m there.   

Eine Antwort to “British Cheese: A secret yet to dis(wiss)cover”

  1. Anne-Carine Says:

    Soo cool! Like it. It’s fab to read your blog in english. And we should share some uk cheese together…. xAC

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