Envy: Food and farming starring on BBC4


While specialised agricultural shows have long gone from Swiss TV- and Radio-Programmes, the broadcasting sky is much brighter for the british farm- and food-sector. At least on the radiowaves. As my british better half is very fond of BBC Radio 4, I myself have become a fan of it, mainly of the agricultural side, although I have to admit, that being a regular live listener of the BBC-„Farming-today“-show is hard work, because its broadcasted at 5.45 am GMT… Anyway, modern times make it easier to follow the interesting programme on a regular basis, as you can listen the conserve online, or download the podcast. Aditionally, there’s a round up with the weekly highlights presented on saturday. I’ve just consumed yesterdays quarter of an hour, and it was an interesting mix: Among other things a controversy between a professor and a soil-protection activist on the usefulness of organic agriculture and the perspective of a sheep farmer on the newcomer at the disease front called Schmallenberg-virus. The other big star on the BBC-countrylife-horizon is the renowned Food programme, broadcasted on sundays at consumerfriendly 12.32 GMT. Last sunday presenter Sheila Dillon came up with a bunch of informations about Food-coops and similar activities all over England. One of the main storys was dealing with the Reading-based True Food coop. Their interesting concept: The coop buys „a complete range of general groceries, including organic wholefoods, local fresh fruit and vegetables and environmentally friendly household products“. And sells them not only in the central shop but also in three neighbourhood community centres throughout Reading, where the „True-Food“-people turns up once a week on a late afternoon with their product range. By the way „True Food“ was one of the winners of the yearly „Food&Farming Awards“ of the BBC. The coop was awarded as „Retail-initiative-of-the-year“. Congratulations to True Food! And to BBC4 for all the effort they put into agricultural coverage and supporting the actors!

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5 Antworten to “Envy: Food and farming starring on BBC4”

  1. Elisabeth Kremer Oakeshott Says:

    There are a lot of interesting and successful initiatives that have been started in Great Britain to boost local and regional food production and consumption, f.ex. Chesham Local Produce Market: http://www.cheshamintransition.org.uk/local-food/local-produce-market.html
    It can certainly prove worthwhile to investigate and get inspired by how food is produced and marketed in other countries.

  2. adriankrebs Says:

    Thx Elisabeth, it’s worthwhile indeed, and the Britons do impress me how they’re catching up and even overtaking us with their ag- and foodinitiatives, we’ll keep on following their ways, won’t we?

  3. Elisabeth Kremer Oakeshott Says:

    We will indeed!

  4. Elisabeth Kremer Oakeshott Says:

    This is not another comment about interesting new initiatives in Britain but an example of an apparently rather spontaneous food coop in Greece: 24 tonnes of potatoes were distributed in just 10 hours to consumers who had placed their orders through the internet. The initiative was set up by a civil volunteer group to avoid middlemen and supermarkets. Both consumers and producers gained.

  5. adriankrebs Says:

    Thx Elisabeth, very interesting case, its like a food-flashmob, the retailers wont like it.

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