Throwback (into wintertime) at Trapper Creek

One of my favourite blogs is the Matron of hunsbandry’s „Throwback at Trapper Creek“. I’ve been following these anonymous farmers on the Pacific Northwest of the US for quite a while. I like their earthy approach to animal husbandry, gardening and farming, not talking of their excellent photography and sense of humour. These days, my unknown friends from Trapper Creek suffered an unexpected throwback into wintertime. Instead of spring weather and further blossoming in the garden area, they got snow again, and not just a little bit, there were some „relentless snow storms“, as they write on the blog.
Unsurprisingly the Matron of husbandry from Trapper Creek garnishes the snow-posts with some great pictures. Besides the pictures the blog offers some very useful advice. E.g. in the „How-to“-section where you get detailed user manuals for a big variety of agricultural working techniques and processing from making butter to seed saving. Plus a selection of interesting titles from the ag-library and a treasure-like blogroll where you find plenty of new-wave-farms that try to cater the growing number of food- and environment-concious Americans. A must read and watch. (All pics by


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