The lawn has to go for our little yardfarm

This would probably be a major sacrilege, if we were living in England: Last tuesday, a tiny bulldozer entered our building-coops yard and started removing the lawn, well, just some of it. And for a good purpose. Some young families on the hood have initiated a cityfarming project, and the administration liked it. In an untipically fast decision process – for swiss habits – the whole thing was started. After the lawn had been carried out on a lorry, the workers brought in some humus. Meanwhile compost containers were built up and after the earthmoving process had been finished, the young urban gardeners started making patches and filled the pathes with wood chips. I was following the whole process from my kitchen window and thinking, wow, what a great idea and was not really sure whether I should ask if they need a hand from a seasoned agronomist and allotment gardener (a failed one, though), but didn’t dare to. Well, at that moment, one of the crew came up to my window, knocked on it and asked if I wanted to take part and work one of the patches. Hey sure, I said, make my week. And here I am with a ca 7 square meter vegetable garden. Now there remains some work to be done. Will keep you posted on the progress…

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3 Antworten to “The lawn has to go for our little yardfarm”

  1. NightRaider Says:

    Sounds good. Wish you a pleasant gardening season without too much aphids, acarians and springtails.Watch the thieves!!
    (Tip: Usually I’m underway between 02.00h and 04.00h am and looking forward trying your bio-carrots)

  2. Richard Says:

    Fantastic – I’m no gardener but surrounded by allotment holders. I shall have to set up some kind of international agrarian exchange. Ich hoffe, dass Ihr Garten wächst gut

  3. adriankrebs Says:

    Er wächst sehr gut;-) Thx Richard

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