Poland on the Agroblog-Map

Finally, Poland has made it onto my blog. And this is purely thanks to my pal at work, Alois. Thanks, man. His wife Alicija is polish and they spent their sumerholidays in her homeland. „Here you are with some pics“, writes Alois, „I’ve taken them along the mainroad between Berlin and Danzig, about 250 kilometers northeast of the border crossing at Stettin. As you can see, the mushroom-collector and beekeeper acts global and promotes his products in the language of the rich neighbour in the west.“ Thats right. On the plaque we read chanterelle, blueberries, boletus and honey in german. On the pic below, you see the whole offer as presented by our polish trader. There is some other interesting details on the pic. The street is in great shape, and they were obviously able to build it without destroying the old alley of trees, unlike in other places I have travelled to in Eastern Europe, eg Romania. And a last detail, the harvesting rural machinery is seemingly on a level comparable to the one in western Europe. Check out the combine on the upper picture. (Pics Alois Feusi)
PS. Almost forgot: Poland was the only country in the Communist Commonwealth that never collectivized its agriculture. When we went to Poland in 1988 as young students, we were surprised to meet eg. a quite wealthy pig-farmer who was able to buy and sell on a private basis. With this starting position, the polish farmers has much better preconditions to enter the post-communist brave new world. 

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