ChinAg daily(2): Streetmarkets, night & day

Beijing has about 23 million inhabitants, those people have to eat everyday, and man, they like to eat. Wherever a round of chinese gather, it wont take long till they unpack a dozen of dishes in plastic jars, everybody taking from each plate picking with the sticks, that they manage artistically. Theres a wide variety of opportunities to cover your needs in food, one of them is the market(s, see last post) or the growing number of supermarkets of all kinds. Streetmarkets of the mobile kind are very common, too. The colleagues I met in Beijing told me, that they are acting in semi-legality. Sometimes you have to pack very quickly and disappear, sometimes you can solve the problem with a thicker or thinner bundle of Yuans… Above and below are few examples of these mobile salespoints. Nighttime doesnt stop the trading by the way, China is nowadays one of the most capitalistic, if not the most capitalistic country in the world. Business runs around the clock, often it’s survival of the fittest, which means for example for farmers, that if you want to make a good buck, you have to take the long journey to town to go get the best price from the urban population.
Clementines sold by a farmers couple. She is selling in the back while he is eating and collecting the money in the frontseat.
Mobile sweet potato frying and selling device.
Glazed chestnuts for tourists at Summerpalace.
Cucumbers sold peeled to eat like an ice cream, a refreshing and healthy snack, rare combination.

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2 Antworten to “ChinAg daily(2): Streetmarkets, night & day”

  1. Keith Zhou Says:

    Nice stories. I managed to bypass the firewall today~Looking forward to your experience in North Korea~

  2. adriankrebs Says:

    Hi Keith, great to hear that you’ve made it over the Wall! Thx for ur good words, NK soon to come, take care

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