Springcows (2): Calves and their mums

Le LimousinSpring has come, at last. Well, he’s still a bit shaky, but growing fast, like these calves. With the temperature going up, so does the activity of my guest cow-photographers, luckily. Today it’s a tribute to some cows and their young ones, made at Agrischa, a regional Ag-Fair in the canton of Grisons, a zone where a lot of meadow-based cattle growing is happening. Above you see a limousin calf hidden behind mother.
Kalb2Intimate moment between a Highlander duo.
Kalb3Finally, a little competition. I honestly couldn’t tell what race it is. The first one who tells me, gets a little price. Good Luck! Thanks a lot, Monika, for your great gallery! (Pics Monika Schlatter)

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2 Antworten to “Springcows (2): Calves and their mums”

  1. Thomas McAlavey Says:

    These are Galloways from Scotland:)

  2. adriankrebs Says:

    Thanks and congratulations Thomas, thought they always have white spots, but a short investigative research has shown, nope, they can be pure black.

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