Wintercowpics (1): From Latsch to Goldau

Latsch1aBack to a category that was neglected a little bit these last few months: Cowpic of the week. That’s why I come up with two today. One is from Latsch a little bit above Bergün, worlds best place for wintertourims, nice in Summer, too. The place is cool because the through road is closed and instead used as a great sledge run in winter due to snow, although there wasn’t very much of it this year.

Plus there is hardly any ugly monstrous tourism architecture, instead you find plenty of old houses, typical for the Region. I know, it sounds like I’m paid by them, but I do it for free, also because they have a great train museum and a fancy natural ice rink and mainly because they have plenty of freerange cows, like the one you see on the pic. And great farm shops that I wrote about a few times, just put Bergün into the search mask. Anyway, don’t miss it if you ever drive by towards ugly St. Moritz…

The second pic below is from Goldau, a place that I know much less, except for that it’s built on the masses of a massive landslide in 1806 and that they have quite a cool zoo. It’s called Tierpark Goldau and amongst plenty of other animals they herd some Evolène cows, a rare race from the village of the same name in the Val d’Hérens, Wallis, where the famous race of the same name comes from. Evolène and Hérens look quite the same, are both good fighting cows, but Evolène is reddish-white while Hérens is black as the night. Thanks a lot for the pics to Markus Richner (top) and Monika Schlatter!

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